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Fleener Petersen Law First Civil Defense Case Dismissed.Fleener Petersen, in its first civil defense, won the ultimate victory. We got the civil claims against our client dismissed with prejudice before the case ever went to trial. Fleener Petersen worked closely with Traci Lacock of Hirst Applegate in Cheyenne and Eric Klein of Johnson Klein in Boulder to achieve the win. Together this team recognized quickly that the lawsuit violated Wyoming’s “Statute of Limitations”. We filed a motion to dismiss the case against their client. The Plaintiffs filed an opposition to the motion to dismiss, claiming the “Savings Clause” saved the untimely complaint. Fleener Petersen then filed a brief that countered each of the Plaintiffs’ legal arguments. The District Court agreed with Fleener Petersen and dismissed the case with prejudice. This means the case was thrown out of court and can never be refiled against our client.

Civil defense differs from criminal defense in many ways, most of them procedural. The heart of the case and the defense, however, remain the same, as does Fleener Petersen’s tireless defense of their clients. Whether the plaintiff is a prosecutor on behalf of the State of Wyoming who has brought criminal charges against you, or a former client or business partner or any other private individual suing you, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the legal system, Fleener Petersen is here to help.

As always, if you have one shot, make it your best.


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