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Federal prosecution is incredibly serious and the Federal rules are complex. It is important to have a lawyer with the necessary experience and expertise to navigate these complicated laws and procedures. Additionally, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are extremely harsh and difficult to understand.

Tom Fleener heads the federal criminal defense team at Fleener Petersen, LLC. Tom is a former Assistant Federal Defender who has successfully represented over 300 clients in federal court—in the District of Wyoming alone. Additionally, Tom has a nationwide federal defense practice and has appeared in numerous federal courts across the country. Whether serving as your lead attorney, or assisting your local counsel with federal sentencing issues, Tom Fleener has the experience that often will lead to a dismissal, an acquittal, or save years off of your sentence.

Because Fleener Petersen, LLC. focuses exclusively on criminal defense, we are among the most experienced criminal defense law firms in the nation. We have achieved acquittals in federal district court and have successfully reversed illegal convictions or sentences at the federal court of appeals. As much federal defense involves the federal sentencing guidelines, Tom is known as an expert in understanding the nuances of the guidelines and other complex federal sentencing issues.

If you or a family member are the subject of a federal criminal investigation or prosecution, it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense attorney who has the expertise to assist. Call the federal criminal defense law firm, Fleener Petersen, LLC. today for a free consultation. If you have one shot, make it your best.


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